One of the reasons why users look for ratings and reviews is that they are looking for facts that help validate the quality and value of products. Plus, as far as we know from research, 91% of people regularly read online reviews and 84% trust reviews as much as friends.

To fulfill the untapped review market in honestbee a solution has come up for consumers to leave ratings and reviews.

ServicesUser Experience DesignGenresE-commerce (Online Food Ordering)Year2019ToolsSketch/InVision Studio


To lead the higher conversion and increased GMV by having ratings and reviews feature. Customers tend to trust reviews and will be more keen to try products that they are not familiar with that have good reviews.
Also by displaying ratings and reviews on the restaurant pages will help users to make informed decisions and choose faster.



Scope & Define


Competitor Analysis


Design Iteration


UI Design


Development + Design QA




  • Competitor analysis (design research)
  • Wireframing, Screen flows
  • Purposed diversified solutions to business owner
  • Delivered UI/UX design
  • Handed over UX specification
  • Worked with developers and QA


  • Business Owner
  • Product Manager
  • Content Designer
  • iOS/Android Developers
  • Frontend/backend engineers
  • QA Engineer

Competitive Analysis

To have a better understanding of the online/offline experience and also see what’s new for the “New Retail” market. 
The learning will help us plan for the future on both product enhancement and new features. Things to look at:

(1) Could review be edited after submitting?

(2) Are users able to see the activities of their friends?

(3) User flow of leaving comments.

(4) The timing of notification to remind a user to give a review/rating.

Criteria for analysis

(1) What are the different components between “Me page” and “User profile page”?

(2) Social and community features on homepage browsing experience either food or grocery delivery.

(3) How are ratings and reviews presented on a restaurant page?

(4) How are ratings and reviews presented in a food/dish content page?

(5) How does a user give ratings and reviews while an order is delivered? What is the user flow? What should be taken into account?

(6) Does social pressure features have an impact on making orderings decisions?

(7) What should be done if a user leaves a bad review?

(8) Is there notable information on a screen in terms of the diverse range of services on “Food delivery / Dine-in / Takeaway” ?

(9) Are submitted ratings and reviews editable?

(10) What is the user flow for checking review history?

(11) The display for review history and the relativity of order history.

Learnings from competitors

Wolt: A popular badge is displayed on the dish list level. Rating score = no. of likes / no. of likes + neutral + dislikes

yelp: Most restaurant review apps/sites allow users to check-in, leaving comments and rating for a restaurant without ordering from the platform.

UberEats: Rate order from past orders.

Deliveroo: Tappable feedback only displays when the user gives negative rating for an order.

Meituan: (1) Reviews for a restaurant could be filtered by tags. (2) Integrate restaurant reviews from dianping. (3) Shows no. of likes for each item. (4) Shows percentage of positive ratings

Categories, filter or search sorted by user-generated data: (1) Positive rating items (2) Best-selling items (3) Top-rated items

Design iteration

During the ideation process, I came up with couples of viable solutions that met product strategies with presenting to the business owner.

User experience and interface design

Design decisions were made based on business requirements, the summary of findings from competitive analyzing and the results of user testing.

Display on the food item listing

Display store rating and a number of the reviewer in Restaurant Page.

Display number of likes for each food item.

Display “You liked it!” based on the user’s review history

As a browser, I can see labels for top-rated, trending, and bestseller SKUs on restaurant listing.

So that I can identify quality food products quickly.

Best Seller = Top 3 SKUs in store with the highest number of purchases.

Top-Rated = Top 3 SKUs in store with the highest number of recommendations.

Trending = Any SKU in the store that has sold more than X in the past days.

Review tab on Restaurant Detail Page

(1) Display all store review details. (food delivery, takeaway, and dine-in)

(2) Show store rating score within comments.

(3) Show tappable feedback within comments.

(4) Show recommendations (liked food items) within comments. 

(5) Show image within comments.