Interactive experience design in which museum visitors may immerse in the wondrous historical projects and inspirations of worldwide renown architects. Using a large display panel that resembles a kindle e-book device, visitors can freely browse through numerous collections in digital form.

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An Architectural Fantasia – Visions Towards the Future

Showcasing the artwork and inspirations from worldwide architects through a 42-inch touch panel.


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Innovation – an Interactive Wall

Encased 9 literary works from genres including architecture knowledge and biographies within a large interactive kindle-like display. Viewers may freely browse through the collection in digital form.

What defines Architecture? As spoken by the maestros:

Le Corbusier

“Geometric shapes create the order of the highest form, with them cities may reduce the number of crossroads, streamlining traffic with utmost efficiency.”

Norman Foster

“Green, sustainable architecture with our earth in mind will save the future of the human species, that is the common responsibility of a world citizen.”

Sou Fujimoto

“My thinking is to look for a combination of nature and architecture; and how they interact with people.”

Peter Cook

“True architecture flows freely, connects without limits.”