The first Smart Home System fully designed by a Taiwanese team. The full web user experience went live with the launch of the product and serves as the main touchpoint for customers to get to know the brand.

Key messages of the website include:
(1) How this Smart Home Ecosystem comes together
(2) Highlight the unique features of each product
(3) User scenarios
(4) Voice commands for Alexa

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Competitor Analysis


Website Planning








Website Building

Competitor Analysis

In the early stage of ΣCASA website development, the competitor analyses showed three primary design patterns employed by leading smart home and IoT product brands:

(1) Single product introduction complete with app download call-to-actions.

(2) Brand promotion websites introducing a full product line.

(3) All-in-one smart home monitoring solution.

Sitemap and Positioning

With ΣCASA aiming to rapidly launch more than 10 accessories in fulfilling its vision of a Smart Home ecosystem, the website’s purpose would radically differ from those which promote a single device or those with an integrated platform in mind (which may include third party partner products).

We decided to plan out the web design to focus on introducing both a full product line and a fully-fledged application system.

User Scenario Design

"Good morning”, "Good night”, "I’m home”, "I’m leaving"

Inspired by daily scenes in everyday life

How would the ΣCASA system assist the user and the family with day to day repetitive schedules while delivering an efficient, carefree lifestyle?


Customer Segmentation

That’s the message we aim to address through persona examples of newly-wed families and tech-savvy users. As expressed through the homepage imagery.

A wonderful day with ΣCASA

Right from the very moment you get out of bed, your coffee starts brewing, shades lift automatically to let in the sun. The system goes into security mode when you leave, auto-adjusting the temperature and humidity for your return. Automatic lights are motion sensitive so you never have to find the switch in the dark ever again.

A Smart Home ecosystem

With scenarios as effective templates, it becomes clear how different devices working in synch can bring about seamless automation while allowing further app personalization. Devices within the same category can be controlled together through intuitive systemic grouping.

Command Center of Your Home.

Through the app on the mobile phone, ΣCASA allows direct access to core system functions. Which is the reason we devoted a full homepage section in communicating its capabilities through graphs and an intuitive user interface.

Highlighting multiple features in remote control, home surveillance, device-grouping, temperature/humidity moderation, power switch control, and ease of sharing amongst family members. Which is why such a fully integrated smart home system fascinates users, offering them freedom to customize all functions with a mobile device at hand.

Visual Design & Website Building

Alexa, Turn on the light!

All ΣCASA products can be synchronized with voice control through Amazon Echo.

List of Products.

Using a meticulously designed product catalog, website visitors may delve further into product details such as smart plugs, smart bulbs, door/window sensors, smoke detectors, smart switches, smart motion sensors, door/window vibration detectors, and temperature/humidity monitors.