Web design for an original women couture brand in Taiwan of 30 years, focusing on representing the rich 30+ years of design experience and the unique style dynamics of the brand.

Core audience being young women between 25-35 who enjoys life with a dash of exploration.

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Web Design of Le Qui Clothing

Value proposition and key mission of the website:

The new official website will serve as the single gateway for all sales promotions and online channel for the newly re-established brand. Core missions for the site would include: communicating brand values, promotion info, new collections, purchase inquiries, and product catalogs.

Full-sized banners and promotional imagery were taken by popular fashion photographers can be seen all over the landing page.

With building awareness being the current focus of the new brand, we opted to expose website visitors directly to the dynamic style through Lookbook.

Projecting Le Qui’s core vision in every expression, posture and worn apparel on the models, potential customers may easily see the exquisite textures and unique ideas with but a glimpse of the vivid images.

In communicating the importance of sophisticated design and quality materials, we arranged for each collection to be presented in separate Lookbook pages.

With contents describing the wondrous details and design intricacies as well as suitable seasons, beautiful close-up photos highlight the bowties and patterns sewn into collars and sleeves. These imagery elements adhere to the ‘one-ninth delight’ of the team’s design philosophy, showing the ‘mix-match, metropolitan’ sensibilities through potential matching combinations of each and every apparel piece.

UI design principle: ‘Images come first, text as support’

Instead of burgeoning the viewer perspective with walls of text, we chose for the vibrant imagery to take the main stage along with short, supporting texts.

The idea was to create viewing experiences similar to that of fashion magazines, in which viewers can focus on design details effortlessly brought out through the models’ postures.

Add to Cart is the most crucial objective as Call to Action

With an externally-hosted purchasing system, it is crucial that the online shopping experience, while encouraging potential customers, to be kept in effortless alignment with the branding atmosphere. A key focus in the overall design was emphasized in aligning visual elements from the ‘browsing’ to ‘add to cart’ phases.

Other than the ‘Shop at Le Qui’ prompts on the header menu bar, the last section of the layout also includes built-in call-to-action elements for viewers who just went through the Lookbook images. For customers who appreciate the mix-match combinations and design details, we’d made sure they can be directed to the online shop with the least amount of effort.

Product highlighted features were emphasized through the website as:

1. Diverse mix-match combinations
2. Top-quality materials
3. Exquisite attention to the delight in details

Brand Visual Guideline

Brandbook Devliered

Logo / Color(Primary, Secondary Palette) / Imagery / Typography / Style-Guide / Visual Elements / Assets