Operating side by side with an interior iBeacon system, the user experience for the museum tour guidance system allows for visitors to customize their own tour experience by modifying or selecting among preset tour routes.

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Preset Tour Routes

Visitors may choose the recommended route for the exhibitions and introductions to the most recent features.

LBS Indoor Positioning

Using a tracking technology, the guide system will automatically display the relevant exhibition info and background stories based on the visitors’ current location.

QR Code Scan

Further info may be obtained through scanning the QR Codes using the in-built camera on mobile tour devices.

User Experience Design

Welcome Page


Visitors may customize their preferred tour route with the device showing the relevant information while keeping track of their location. There is no need to limit to a fixed path.

About the museum

The ‘about’ page shows the background values and history of the institute’s establishment also includes introductions of the organization as a whole.

Route Mode

Free roam – Users may freely browse through all exhibition pieces and related info through the mobile device.

Account Settings in Control Center

Location & Map

The device can also show the exhibition areas that are yet to be visited, the exact location and info of the current area, and all exhibits/latest notifications in the vicinity.